Getting Started

Questions & Answers

How does the trial month work?

Those who have completed Fundamentals or new members with prior CrossFit experience may take advantage of our Trial Month Membership

Can I change/cancel memberships anytime?

After your membership begins, you may change or cancel your membership at any time my emailing us at

What happens at the end of my trial month?

After your trial month ends, you may choose a Limited or Unlimited Membership. See above for benefits of each.

Do you offer membership discounts?

Yes, we offer discounted prices for Family members, Students, Military, Police & Firefighters.

My Wodify account has expired, can I recover it?

If your account has expired in Wodify, please contact us at and we will reset your username and password for you.

How do I access my Wodify account?

Once you register for a membership, you will be emailed directions as well as a username and password on how to use your Wodify account. Please do not hesitate to contact us for questions.

Not Sure if CrossFit is Right For You?

If you are hesitant about CrossFit and want to learn more about it, contact us with any questions or suggestions you have.

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