Brian Neely

CrossFit Level 1 Coach


Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I’m 45 years old and married to the love of my life, Coach Kelly. We have three wonderful children and two dogs. We were both born and raised locally and I’m a graduate of Kennett High School.

When did you start CrossFitting?

I first started doing CrossFit style workouts back in 2011 or 2012 with Everett and several other athletes at Advanced Fitness in Kennett. My wife Kelly was a client of Everett’s and he invited me to start training with a group of athletes that were participating in the upcoming Kennett YMCA Fit Games. So I trained with them on Saturday mornings (running around the block, wall ball on the side of the Post Office, and farmer’s carry or walking lunges up and down the sidewalk on State Street…LOL) and it was something totally different than any workout I had done in the past. I began to restructure my workouts and shortly after CFKSQ opened I joined, thanks to a little nudging from Kelly and Everett. I’ve been hooked ever since!

What got you into coaching?

At first I viewed coaching as a way to better myself by obtaining a higher level of training and experience. It would provide me with the knowledge and skills to improve my overall performance in the box, but it would also allow me to mentor the members and hopefully give them the tools they need to reach their performance goals. As a result I’ve met so many great people and had the pleasure of coaching them and witnessing their fitness progress. It’s been so much more satisfying and rewarding than I ever imagined it would be.

Coaching Certifications / Experience:

CrossFit Level 1

Coaching at CFKSQ since 2013

Favorite Cheat Meal?

PIZZA. Although I don’t recommend attempting an AMSAP (As Many Slices As Possible). Tried that with Ev once, and we probably won’t be attempting that again any time soon….LOL!

Favorite song to workout to?

I prefer hard rock/metal, but honestly once the WOD starts I rarely even notice what music is playing. It’s all just white noise in the background at that point. I guess maybe that’s due to the mental workout that goes on in your head during a WOD?

Do you have any advice for people just getting started?

Stick with it and remember that the hardest part of CF is walking through the door to the box. Once you’re there the energy and enthusiasm of the coach and the other athletes will help pull you through the WOD. And keep in mind that every single member has been there in your shoes – at some point we all experienced our first WOD, even the coaches! And we all survived and keep coming back for more. Some other things to remember: leave your ego and mental baggage at the door, make it YOUR workout, give your best effort, focus on form first, finish strong, and make it the best hour of your day!

Why did you choose to be a part of CFKSQ as opposed to another gym?

The moment that I met Everett we hit it off pretty well. I had always done my workouts in the gym at work and had never really had an actual gym membership. Everett’s calm demeanor and continual encouragement were refreshing and the opposite of my idea of the “Personal Trainer” stereotype. He was knowledgeable about proper form and technique and had an obvious passion for coaching. It drew me in, I wanted to be a part of that and wanted to learn from him.

Favorite benchmark workout?

I have a love/hate relationship with Fran, LOL. I love it because it’s such a short, intense WOD that leaves you physically gassed, but mentally accomplished. And at the same time it gives me anxiety and makes me a little queasy every time I get ready to do it. But that all disappears the minute I hear “3, 2, 1…GO!”