Leigh Castle

Leigh Castle

CrossFit Level 1 Coach

CrossFit Kids Coach

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

Three of my favorite things are my family, my CrossFit family, and coffee!  I am a 5 am’er (except in the summer), and I usually roll in late and I have no real “spot” since I’m always late.  Everett threatens burpees but I just smile!  You’ll see me coaching fundamentals in the corner, but I also coach the kids’ program at CFKSQ.  I am a Health & PE teacher at a local elementary school, too.  I love that my passions of fitness and teaching kids have come together!

When did you first start CrossFitting?

July 2013.  I was convinced by my husband, Erik, and my friend, Reenie to join.  I was hooked after my first class!

What got you into coaching?

I had initially sought out the CF-L1 certification back in August, 2015 since it was a prerequisite to obtaining the CrossFit Kids certification.  I wanted to be able to apply CrossFit Kids in my PE program.  In January, 2016 I tried to help my younger brother, Joey, overcome his drug addiction by introducing him to this awesome sport.  He had just come out of his last of several rehabs over a 5 year span, and he told me they did CrossFit workouts there.  He enjoyed the challenge, which was no surprise to me given his natural athletic ability.  Erik and I were convinced that this would finally be his path to recovery.  I thought maybe he could shift his addictive habits to something positive.  Our belated Christmas gift to him would be a month of classes with his big sis traveling to a box near him to work out alongside him and offer support and encouragement.  He loved our first 2 classes together, but unfortunately he relapsed after that.  We lost Joey on January 20, 2016.  He inspired me to get my CrossFit Kids cert in February, and now I’m using all of my certifications to help whoever I can- kids, teens, or adults- with establishing and maintaining healthy habits.

Coaching Certifications / Experience:

CrossFit Level 1 & CrossFit Kids

Day Job:

Health & Physical Education teacher, Kennett Consolidated School District

Favorite cheat meal?

Not sure about a meal, but I love anything chocolate!

Favorite song to workout to?

90’s gangsta’ rap

Do you have any CrossFit goals for this year?

Handstand walks and bar muscle-ups.  Need to make time for practicing though!

Do you have any advice for people just getting started?

Put yourself out there and talk to others in your class, always record your scores and weights in Wodify to monitor progress, and try to come in several times a week to establish this healthy habit!  

What is a fun quirky fact about you?

I used to be on a baton-twirling team!