Secret of Change

The secret of change is to focus your energy not on fighting to old, but on building the new.


📷: Maddie Conlin-Day

Workout of the Week

Last week’s #workoutoftheweek was a combination of consistent, fast cardio, heavy weightlifting and big sets of gymnastics. We were working hard to earn that rest before doing it all over again. 😎

Our Delta athletes got the same stimulus at home with their at-home modifications!

Run 200m / Bike 12/10 Calories
Double Dumbbell or Kettlebell Push Press
Towel Rows, Bent Over Rows, or Table Pull-ups

How are your home workouts challenging you? 💪🏼

📷: Kenta Photography


💭 Reminiscing on today’s wall balls 🥴
💭 Also reminiscing on days we put 7 people on the same wall 🤯

📷: Kenta Photography

Looking to Add to the Team

Want to be part of something bigger? We’re looking for a Coach to add to and continue to strengthen our team here at CFKSQ!
The search is on for a dedicated, self-driven CF-L1 (or higher) Trainer that has a passion for helping others reach their goals.
For all the details on what we’re looking for and how to apply, head over to our website below. 👇🏼

Mic Drop

🎤 ⬇️.

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📷: Kenta Photography

What does your home workout life look like?

What does your home workout life look like? 👀
Lisa is a mom of 2, a full time Physical Therapist, and is hanging at home for a while to help #stopthespread of COVID. She’s using our Delta programming to stay accountable and be part of a community that’s still cheering her on from afar! 😎
All the home modifications, video coaching, and strength/accessory work are at your fingertips with Delta. If you’re dragging to get a workout done at home, give us a try 👇🏼

Stop the Spread

THANK YOU to all of our amazing athletes for helping us #stopthespread 👏🏼👏🏼
🧼Social distancing
🧼Separate equipment because sharing is NOT caring
🧼Masks on outside of your “square”
🧼Doors wide open
🧼Fans pushing air out
🧼Cleaning errrrrrr’thang
We are grateful for your cooperation, patience, and support during this new way of life!