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Position: Coach Status: Part-Time, 1099-C


At CFKSQ, the job of our coaches is to provide the best fitness and community-driven experience to our athletes with each class we coach. Through a culture of professionalism and excellence, we strive to provide a dynamic coaching development framework for our coaches they need to excel and evolve. Our coaches are self-motivated, driven to learn, and have a passion for helping others reach their goals.


- CrossFit Level 1 or higher OR proof of commitment and payment to the CF-L1 Course
- 1+ years of CrossFit coaching experience
- 2+ years of CrossFit experience as an athlete
- Active First Aid/CPR Certification
- Successful completion of the CFKSQ Coaches' Development Course (provided upon hire)



- In depth knowledge of CrossFit and fitness
- In depth knowledge and skill in leading high-volume CrossFit classes
- Ability to demonstrate high level interpersonal, time management and organizational skills while displaying professionalism throughout
- Strong leadership skills that inspires action in those around them
- Ability to lead by example both as a Coach, an athlete in the classroom environment, and outside of the gym
- Creative thinking, problem solving, and dispute resolution skills to create and foster a high-quality class experience from beginning to end


- Primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
- Leading and coaching group fitness classes while demonstrating the skills listed above
- Add value to the CFKSQ and greater surrounding community through relentless positivity, engagement, and passion
- Attend team meetings and other events hosted by CFKSQ
- Handle member inquiries and provide information about our program offerings as necessary
- Willingness to volunteer the planning and facilitation of community events that take place throughout the year
- Maintain cleanliness and tidiness of the facility by performing necessary opening, closing, and/or in between class duties (if applicable)
- Available to coach Friday's, weekends, and holidays

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