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Monthly #Micdrop

“When you expect imperfect days as part of the process, you can’t use them as an excuse to stop.”

– EC Synkowski

Task Force Updates

Vision: The Task Force looks to advocate for and create an environment of belonging for all community members of different races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, body types, ages and economic statuses by finding strength, support, and safety within our CFKSQ community. Additionally, the TF advocates for and supports the underserved and underrepresented in our local area with our time and talent resources.

Progress: The TF has met several times in the past months to create a shared vision and dialogue around CFKSQ’s role in the local community. Throughout September and the beginning of October members donated gift cards to the families of the Avondale Apartments who were displaced due to the hurricane flooding at the end of August; we helped to feed over 30 families who had been living out of temporary housing and hotels.  As our ability to provide permanent housing was and is extremely limited, we agreed with KACS to revisit the needs of these families once they have moved into their new homes.

Current Initiative: The number of families utilizing the Kennett Area Food Cupboard has dramatically increased since this spring and summer.  Working with Kennett Area Community Service (KACS), they let us know a simple and meaningful task would be donating 250 cans of condensed milk or evaporated milk – be aware sweetened condensed milk is used primarily for baking due to its high sugar content.  This will kick off our traditional food drive between Thanksgiving and the winter holiday season; start bringing in your cans!

The CFKSQ Task Force is a member-based and member-driven initiative; please contact John Wilkins or Laurie Palic or a current Task Force Member with inquiries or project ideas.

Current Task Force Members: Lincoln Blackwell, Karen Conlin, Nancy Costanzo, Stacey Cunningham, Kim Kenyon, Josh Alcorn, Laurie Palic, Mandi Quinn, John Wilkins