Reopening in the “Green” Phase! 7/6/20

As promised, here is our follow-up in regards to our next steps, as we re-open on Monday, July 6th. Our commitment to you remains: help you get your fitness in, have fun, and give you the best hour of your day; all while staying safe!

We know this is a lot of information, but as we are moving through the reopening phase, we are carefully cooperating with all state guidelines. We continue to ask that you please remain flexible with us; as there will certainly be some trial and error. We assure you, we will continue to adjust and adapt as we move along.


  • Monday through Friday, we will be offering up to 12 classes a day (versus our normal 9). For the time being, we will offer up to 4 classes per day for the weekend days.
  • Classes will be an hour long, with a 15-minute buffer between classes, to allow adequate time for clean-up and transition of athletes.
  • Please refer to Wodify for the full list of class times
  • *Registering in Wodify for class will be required.
  • Reservations remain open until start of class time.
  • Once a class reaches the reservation limit of 12, athletes have the option to join the waitlist.
    • Once an athlete cancels their reservation, the first person on the waitlist will automatically be inserted into a reserved spot for class.
  • Please be considerate of others. If you are registered for class and do not plan on attending, please cancel your reservation in order to allow others in.
    • There is $10 fee associated with “No Shows” at this time.
    • “No Shows” count against an Athlete’s attendance limits for those on session plans (i.e. “punch cards”).


  • As we reopen our doors, you will continue to have the option to Zoom! We will live Zoom each class as it is happening in the gym. You will therefore be able to follow along with the warm-up, timer, workout, accessory work, etc.… for each class time throughout the day.


Our facility has personal cleaning stations available for each athlete, and its use is mandatory after sessions.

  • We ask that masks be worn when entering or leaving the building and anytime you are outside of your workout zone, but not during workout.
  • Hand sanitization is mandatory as you enter the gym.
  • All equipment is cleaned and sanitized after each class.
  • High touch surfaces are cleaned after each class and all surfaces (bathrooms and flooring) are cleaned twice per day (and more if required).


Athlete spacing is important to reduce contact. Rest assured, we are set-up to still provide access to quality coaching, while helping to protect both you and our staff.

  • Each athlete station is 10’x8′, with designated rig space for each. Stations are taped out on our main floor and clearly marked at the pull-up area as well.
  • *All classes are capped at 12 people + 1 Coach.
  • Classes do not overlap, allowing for a minimal number of people in the building.


In addition to these measures, we’ve taken other steps:

  • Temperature checks at entry. If you test above 100.3, you’ll be asked to leave for 72 hours.
  • *Health Waiver: Prior to coming back to the facility, all athletes will sign a new health waiver. This document outlines these best practices as well as having members communicate potential exposure risk so that we can do our best to keep everyone safe.
    • You may complete online or a hard copy at the gym.


  • Please, stay home if you’re sick!
  • Please wear your mask (not during workout)
  • Register for class in Wodify.
  • Maintain social distancing when in the building.
    • This includes the use of locker rooms and bathrooms
  • Upon arrival, get your temperature checked & wash/sanitize your hands.
  • Take your belongings with you to a station.
  • Workout & have fun!
  • Wipe down your equipment.
  • Maintain social distancing when exiting the building.
  • Come workout with us again tomorrow, at CFKSQ!