“Return of the Mack”

CrossFit Kennett Square – CrossFit


1. Conditioning – “Return of the Mack”

2. Weightlifting/Core – Turkish Get-up


Return of the Mack (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

In teams of 2

12 min AMRAP

5 Double Dumbbell Front Squats

1-2-3-4-5-6 Box Jump Overs

Partner 1 does 5 Front Squats and 1 Box Jump Over, then Partner 2 does the same. Once both partners have finished the round with 6 Box Jump Overs, pairs will start back at the beginning.

Alpha: DB Front Squat (50/35), Box Jump Over (30/24)

Bravo: DB Front Squat (35/25), Box Jump Over (24/20)

Charlie: DB Front Squat (30/20), Box Jump Over (20/12+)

1 Round = both partners finishing the 5 Front Squat /6 Box Jump Over reps.


Turkish Get Up

Alternate 6 Challenging, But Quality Reps each side.

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