"Wish I Had Started Earlier!"

I only wish that I had started the Nutrition program at CFKSQ earlier; as it stands, I am glad that I happened to start it the month before the pandemic began.  My initial goals with the program was to gain weight and feel better in a vague sort of way.  Thanks to Jared’s coaching, I not only found myself eating a wider variety of food than I had allowed myself before but also feeling more energized and happier overall.  In the past 6 months, I have gained muscle mass and eat more mindfully.  During the height of the lockdown, Jared’s support helped me to stay on track with meals which gave me the energy I needed to work out, parent and work despite all of the changes in these areas.  I would highly recommend the nutrition program to anyone with an interest in maintaining good health or even just getting a better understanding about how what we eat affects what we do.

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