Welcome, Coach Aaron!

We’d like to welcome Aaron Griffin to our coaching staff! Aaron brings a wealth of various fitness experience that has led him to becoming a CrossFit Coach here at CFKSQ and we’re thrilled to have him as part of the team.

Aaron’s CrossFit Journey

I have always been athletic, I grew up surfing, water skiing, and swimming…. No real organized sports. I started running long distances in my 30s and really didn’t start lifting until my 40s and as I enter my 50s I have decided to be a CrossFit Coach!
In 2014 I started doing CrossFit style workouts with a group of friends at a very large Health Club. We started to get sideways glares and a few reprimands from management. It was then that we decided maybe we had grown out of that space and we should look for other options. About this time, I also started doing obstacle races and had an introduction to the Civilian Military Combine. I got hooked on the WOD format!
In 2015 I joined my first Box. I was 5a for 5 or 6 days a week and in a very competitive class and probably overdid it for a while. I was at this Box until a back injury in 2017. After this I decided to just do endurance training as well as calisthenics.
In 2018, I actually joined Crossfit Kennett Square with a punch card. I would just do endurance classes on Sundays treating it as my “sprint” day.  I continued that format till 2020.
In 2020 I re-evaluated my fitness and what I wanted to do going forward. Amy and I built out our garage gym and started putting together workouts. When things opened back up we started at CFKSQ. We started looking at getting our Level 1 as we have both always had a teaching or coaching mindset in our lives. Now, here we are.

Aaron’s Coaching Focus

I don’t strive for big achievements. My desire is to help someone with something small. My philosophy is that you start with small foundational movements and build on them. If I can give the a cue or a hint that makes an athlete just a little bit better that day that they can build on going forward, my bucket is filled.

Fun Facts!

I am also a Lifeguard, a CPR instructor, and I grew up in SouthEastern North Carolina
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