Being Uncomfy

Today’s #wellnesswednesday post is brought to us by Coach Rodney Rodney Godwin Let’s take a deep dive into how being #uncomfy can actually make us stronger in life, mentally, and in the gym; and how important it is for us to knock the negative stereotype out of our mindset.
🛟Life preparedness
By pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and experiencing discomfort you expose your body to various stressors. This helps improve your physical adaptability and prepares you for a broad range of physical challenges. Over time this type of training helps improve your work capacity, enabling you to perform tasks with greater efficiency and effectiveness.
🧠Mental side
By regularly experiencing discomfort and pushing yourself beyond your perceived limits you develop mental resilience and ability to persevere in challenging situations both in and outside of the gym.
💪Self confidence
Overcoming discomfort and accomplishing challenging workouts in Crossfit can significantly boost your self confidence. The sense of achievement and the knowledge that you’ve pushed yourself beyond your limits can positively impact your overall self belief.


We’re mellowing out on this #wellnesswednesday – brought to you by Coach Brie!
This week we’re focusing on the importance of #sleep!
Sleep is indeed a crucial aspect of overall health and well-being. While physical exercise, such as weightlifting, can have numerous benefits, the quality and duration of sleep should not be underestimated. Adequate sleep plays a vital role in supporting longevity and optimal functioning of the body and mind.
Research has consistently shown that consistently getting 7-9 hours of sleep per night is associated with numerous health benefits. Here are some ways in which quality sleep contributes to longevity:
– Cellular repair and regeneration
– Cognitive function and memory
– Immune system support
– Cardiovascular health
– Mental and emotional well-being
While physical exercise, including weightlifting, has its own benefits, it’s important to recognize that sleep and exercise are not mutually exclusive. Engaging in regular exercise can actually improve sleep quality, and a healthy sleep routine can enhance exercise performance and recovery.
In conclusion, both sleep and physical exercise are crucial for overall health and longevity. Prioritizing a consistent sleep schedule, aiming for 7-9 hours of quality sleep per night, can have profound effects on your well-being and lifespan, complementing the benefits derived from exercise.

CFKSQ Coaches’ Christmas Favorites

It’s the holiday season! There’s no better time than now to make that Crossfit wishlist and your CFKSQ coaches are here to help you narrow them down!
CFKSQ Coach must-haves:
CFKSQ Coaches fun favorites:

Meet Dana!

We’d like to welcome Dana to CFKSQ! As the newest addition to the Nutrition team, she’ll be able to take your health and wellness game to the next level!

You can find her working out at all times of the day and you’ll have an opportunity to get to know her even more through our annual Nutrition Challenge starting in January!

Here’s what she had to say about her journey into coaching:

“Growing up, I wasn’t really into sports. In high school I became a cheerleader, but that was about the extent of my athletic ability. Fast forward to my late twenties when I was peer-pressured into trying CrossFit. I fell in LOVE! The same year I joined the gym, I took the L1 to become a coach! After a year or so into coaching I became really interested in perfecting and teaching the Olympic Lifts, as well as learning all about nutrition and what a huge role that plays in our athletic (and daily) performance. I chose to get certified in both; weightlifting (USAW2) and nutrition (PN L1). And here we are! I’m stoked to become a part of the CFKSQ fam. Everyone has been so welcoming! My favorite thing about coaching is celebrating the wins, both big and small! We can’t expect to show up for others if we can’t first show up for ourselves.”

Motivation Monday

Deciding it’s your rest day because you “can’t” do that movement is a disservice to yourself. Showing up, doing what you can, and trying what you can’t do *yet* won’t only get you better in the gym, but it’ll make you better at life, too.

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Hoodie Season

..there should really be a hoodie emoji. right?

As we head into the chillier months, never let those temperatures keep you from your favorite part of the day! ☺️
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Green Beret Classic

Local comp alert! ⚡️

Teams of 3. Same sex. All the divisions! Check out @greenberetprojectclassic on Instagram for all the details