October 2020

Alessandra Fuscos success story

Alessandra Fusco

Hometown: Formia, Italy (town by the sea between Rome and Naples….closer to Naples) Age: 31 When did you first start training at CFKSQ? August 2019 Favorite WOD: I know it might sound crazy…but probably Holleyman Least Favorite WOD: whatev...

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September 2020

Leslie Bensons success story

Leslie Benson

Hometown: Bronx, New York Age: 49 When did you first start training at CFKSQ? Summer 2017 Favorite WOD: Anything with deadlifts or double unders (I have rearranged my schedule to get to class on deadlift day), or longer WODs with different equipm...

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August 2020

Christina McElroys success story

Christina McElroy

Hometown: West Chester, PA Age:  50 Favorite WOD: Partner Workouts Least Favorite WOD: Any workout with the Assault Bike Tell us about your sports & fitness background:  I have always belonged to a gym and I occasionally run a 5K with my...

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